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Barhee Dates Tissue Culture Sapling " Phoenix Dactylifera"

Barhee Dates Tissue Culture Sapling " Phoenix Dactylifera"

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Experience the richness of homegrown dates with Celgen Biotech Barhee Dates Tissue Culture Sapling. Cultivated with precision by our expert team, this tissue culture sapling offers a convenient way to establish your date palm plantation. Whether you're a farming enthusiast or a date lover, trust Celgen Biotech for superior quality saplings that thrive in various environments. Elevate your agricultural endeavors with Barhee Dates Tissue Culture Saplings and enjoy the sweetness of your own date harvest.


Extended Product Description:

  • Extended Product Description: Immerse yourself in the richness of homegrown Barhee Dates with Celgen Biotech's Tissue Culture Saplings. Our Barhee Dates saplings, meticulously propagated from superior-quality parent trees, offer you the perfect starting point for establishing your own Barhee Dates plantation. Whether you're a commercial grower or a home gardener, trust Celgen Biotech for top-notch saplings that promise robust growth, exceptional yield, and unparalleled sweetness.

    Plantation Spacing: Optimal plantation spacing is essential for healthy tree development and maximum yield. When planting Barhee Dates, ensure a spacing of approximately 20 to 25 feet between each tree to allow ample room for growth and optimal sunlight exposure. This spacing facilitates efficient orchard management and ensures proper airflow, reducing the risk of disease and ensuring superior fruit quality.

    Irrigation: Barhee Dates thrive in warm, arid climates and require regular irrigation to support healthy growth and fruit production. Implement a drip irrigation system to deliver water directly to the root zone, minimizing water loss and maximizing efficiency. During the growing season, maintain consistent soil moisture levels by providing regular, deep watering, especially during hot, dry periods. Monitor soil moisture levels closely and adjust irrigation frequency as needed to prevent water stress and promote optimal fruit development.

    Harvesting: Harvesting Barhee Dates is a meticulous process that requires careful timing and attention to detail. Barhee Dates typically ripen in late summer to early fall, transitioning from a vibrant green to a rich, golden hue as they mature. Monitor the color and texture of the fruit to determine the optimal harvest time, ensuring the dates are fully ripe and sweet. Using a gentle twisting motion, carefully detach ripe dates from the palm, taking care to handle the fruit delicately to prevent damage. After harvesting, sort the dates based on size and quality, preparing them for market or personal consumption.

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