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Brown Turkey Fig Tissue Culture Plant"Ficus carica"

Brown Turkey Fig Tissue Culture Plant"Ficus carica"

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Brown Turkey Fig

Brown Turkey has proven itself a reliable and productive variety in the Northwest. It bears large, sweet, and flavorful, dark brown figs with light amber flesh, often producing two crops a year.

The Brown Turkey Fig combines one of the tastiest homegrown crops with an easy-to-grow nature for a winning home orchard tree. As a bonus, this tree offers an unusual winter appearance too.

The twisted trunks of the Brown Turkey Fig give the deciduous tree winter interest. Prune it carefully to reveal the beauty of the structure. The bright green leaves lend it a tropical look in the summer. Wide-spreading roots give it the stability it needs to grow 15-25 feet tall. The Brown Turkey Fig can often grow wider than it is tall. This spreading habit makes it an excellent screen between your home and anything you'd rather not see.

Like most fruiting trees, the Brown Fig prefers full sun. Lots of sunlight helps promote a heavy harvest of fruit with a high concentration of sugars. That means you'll get tons of sweet, delicious fruits for recipes, canning, drying or eating out of hand. The fruits ripen in August with a reddish-brown skin and red interior.

Self-Fruitful Trees Don't Need Cross-Pollination

Many types of fruiting trees can't set fruit unless they're cross-pollinated by another tree, which means you have to purchase at least two trees. But a fig tree is different '– it's "self-fruitful," which means that it can bear fruit without any pollinating help from a companion tree.

The Brown Fig is an easy and sweet way to start a home orchard.

During hot spells, you may see some browning and spotting on your leaves. Don't worry- it's only temporary. It focuses all its energy on producing fruit. The leaves then turn brown in the fall but turn a vibrant green in early spring.

Site and Soil:

Figs do well in a variety of soils but require at least 8 hours of sunlight during the growing season.

Pollination Requirements: Self-fruitful.

Hardiness: Hardy to between 0° & 5° F.

Bearing Age: 1-2 years after planting.

Size at Maturity: 8-10 ft in height, smaller with pruning.

Taste: Sweet

Fruit Skin: Dark brown

Fruit Flesh: Light amber

Bloom Time: Flowers are not noticeable as they are inside the fig.

Ripening Time: Late July – early August

Yield: 5-15kg. or more figs per plant in a single growing season

Pests & Diseases: Figs are not bothered by pests in our region. Cover plants with netting if birds are a problem.

Fig Mosaic Virus is a benign virus that exists in all cultivated fig trees. Yellow spotting of the leaves is a cosmetic symptom that shows more in container culture but is quickly outgrown once trees are planted in the ground.


Once your fig tree is mature and producing, you should see a harvest of delicious figs from around la July through early September each year. A single Brown Turkey Fig tree can produce as much as 5-15kg. or more figs per plant in a single growing season, so be ready for quite the harvest!

Container Planting

If you live in an area with heavy winters or have a small yard, consider planting your fig tree in a container. With proper pruning, it can grow up to 10 feet tall. Be sure to bring it inside when the weather freezes and place it in a sunny warm spot. While your container tree probably won’t produce fruit, it will still provide ornamental value to your surroundings.


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