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Hamlin Sweet Orange Tree (Citrus x Sinesis)

Hamlin Sweet Orange Tree (Citrus x Sinesis)

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A Cold-Hardy Orange Tree with Sweet Flavor

The Hamlin Sweet Orange has it right in the name – a sweet, juicy orange! As a bonus, it’s also nearly seedless. Perfect for citrusy recipes and treats, this fruit tree will give you your own orange grove in your yard!

This tree is more resistant to cold temperatures, unlike other orange trees. You can grow your own yummy fruit without fear of winter’s harsh chills!

The oranges ripen between October and January, giving your winter some sweet flavor! Plus, this tree is high-yielding, and it has beautiful evergreen foliage and fragrant white blossoms. Enjoy the lovely colors before fruit appears in the fall.

Jams, jellies, juice, and more! These oranges are perfect for baking and creating sweet treats. This variety is one of the top oranges for juicing. Incorporate fresh fruit into your meals more easily with this tree!

The Hamlin is also known as “Sweet Orange” for good reason. This sugary delight of a tree also makes an excellent addition to edible gardens, borders, pathways, and even around patios. It even attracts butterflies and birds to your yard!

Purchase your very own Hamlin Sweet Orange today to enjoy a long season of fresh and juicy fruit!

Pollination Info

Hamlin Sweet Orange Tree Pollination

Hamlin Sweet Orange Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Hamlin Sweet Orange Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop.

  • Mature Height:8 ft. pruned
  • Mature Width:6-8 ft.
  • Sunlight:Full Sun
  • Blooms:Summer
  • Spacing:15x15 or 15x20 ft.
  • Growth Rate:Moderate


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