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Valencia Late Orange Tree "Citrus Sinensis"

Valencia Late Orange Tree "Citrus Sinensis"

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Valencia Late Tree 
Bursting with flavor and loaded with Vitamin C, Valencia oranges are the standard by which other oranges are judged. Commonly called the "juice orange," Valencias are the commercial orange of choice for processing into juice. Large fruit and virtually seedless. Good internal quality. Bears more fruit inside the tree canopy.

: The Valencia Late orange (Citrus sinensis) is believed to have originated in Portugal, and then traveled to England in the 1860s and to America. American agronomist William Wolfskill first hybridized the Valencia orange in the mid-19th century on his farm in Santa Ana, California. The fruit was named Valencia Late after a Spanish expert said it was similar to an orange in Valencia.

: Mid-July to mid-August in hot areas, and from August to mid-September in colder areas.

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