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Navel Orange – Washington Tree (Citrus sinensis 'Osbeck')

Navel Orange – Washington Tree (Citrus sinensis 'Osbeck')

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Washington Navel Tree
Fruit holds on trees and stores and ships relatively well. Sensitive to heat and aridity during blooming and fruit-setting. Medium to large spherical to obovoid-shaped deep orange fruit with a rich flavor. Easy to peel.

: The Washington navel orange originated from a single mutation on a tree in Bahia, Brazil, in the early 19th century. This mutation resulted in a fruit with a distinctive navel-like formation on the blossom end. Cuttings from this tree were sent to the United States Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., in 1870, hence the name "Washington navel." From there, the variety spread throughout California and other citrus-growing regions of the world. Today, the Washington navel orange is one of the most popular and widely grown orange varieties globally.

: Late May to mid-June.

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